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1. For the day of your arrival (first night), identify the price category corresponding to this date in the Price Calendar : A, B, C or D.


2. Find the Gross Price per night of your accommodation in the Price List above according to category A, B, C or D.


3. Calculate and apply a discount on the price of this night if you can benefit from it.

Consult the Promotions or Price List to find the discount you can claim.
Thus, an early booking, a last minute booking, a booking for a long stay, or even a group booking give rise to a discount. The discounts are not cumulative but you always benefit from the most advantageous discount for you.


4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for each of the other nights of your stay.


5. Identify the Entrance Fees (*) corresponding to your accommodation.

Entrance fees are calculated at a flat rate for each apartment occupied during your stay.

You will find their amount in the Price Grid above.


6. Calculate the Final Net Price.

Price of one night = Gross price of the night - possible discount

Price of Accommodation = Price of 1st night + Price of night 2 + Price of night 3 + ... + Price of last night

Final Net Price = Accommodation Price + Entrance Fee

(*) Entrance fees are only charged once per apartment, regardless of the length of stay. This is why an overnight stay bears the same entry costs as a 3 month stay. Entrance fees cover, on a lump sum basis and proportional to the size of the accommodation, our operating costs and the services which accompany our accommodation service, in particular the maintenance of all the equipment made available to our guests, charges for water and electricity, duties or taxes in force, the supply of a snack the first evening and a first breakfast, the maintenance of bed and household linen, cleaning and the beds made up on your arrival, a place in our private car park, access to the swimming pool, provision of a washing machine, barbecue, Wi-Fi Internet access, etc. In addition, thanks to these entry fees:

  • on your arrival at the premises, you will have the guarantee of a cleaning which will have been done by professionals;

  • at the end of the stay, no need to do the cleaning: you will just have to wash, wipe and put away your dishes, and empty your trash cans before your departure.

Frais d'entrée
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