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Our selection of restaurants in Martinique

Discounts for stays of at least one week

Whatever the time of year,
and regardless of the price category that applies,
you benefit for each night of your stay:


  • 5% discount
    if you stay between 1 week and 9 days.


  • 10% discount
    if you are staying between 10 and 13 days.


  • 15% discount
    if you are staying between 2 weeks and 17 days.


  • 20% discount
    if you are staying 18 and 20 days.


Promotions can not be combined together.
However, we guarantee that you will always benefit from the promotion that most benefits you.

For example, if you get the 30% 'last minute' discount,
this would replace the 15% discount for a stay of 2 weeks.

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